Sofrigam - Industrial Insulated and Refrigerated Packaging

Sofrigam designs and qualifies isothermal and refrigerated packaging enabling the transport of heat sensitive products in non-refrigerated vehicles.

Sofrigam designs and qualifies industrial insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions enabling the transport of heat sensitive products (chilled or frozen) in non-refrigerated vehicles. The materials used associated with the expertise of our engineers and our Laboratory, mean our products are suitable for sectors that are very demanding with regard to quality and safety, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and even agri-food industries.

Cold chain logistics

We offer our clients a range of standard or made-to-measure products and services enabling them to establish secure, economical and ecological cold chain logistics.

Industrial insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions

More than a packaging manufacturer, Sofrigam proposes a first class service with a complete range of services. The research and development department optimise solutions for proposing more and more environment friendly packaging. Three targets are kept in line: developing products with minimum consequences on the environment, preserving the resources by virtue of recuperating technics, ensuring that our solutions meet the regulatory requirements.

Sofrigam provide more than 100 temperature controlled products and develop made to measure solutions from 1L up to 3,000L.

  • Frozen (-20°C)
  • Chilled (+2°C to +8°C)
  • Temperature (+15°C to +25°C)

Services range

  • Test the performance of your refrigerating solution in our laboratory of metrology
  • Stock of security
  • Train and inform your employees about the cold chain management
  • Deliver "just in time": thanks to nearby stocked warehouse
  • Easy to order thanks to intranet website
  • Reuse our boxes by means of recycling program

Metrological laboratory

Are you certain that the packaging you are using is suitable for your products and your logistics organisation? Does it respect the legislation in force? Thanks to metrology, you can check and measure the ability of your packaging to store the products it contains within a fixed temperature range during its transfer. In fact these tests make it possible to reproduce the real conditions of transport (temperature variation, duration of exposure) and to verify that the desired temperature within the packaging is maintained.

These tests enable you to:

  • Guarantee the integrity of the products during transport
  • Increase the confidence of your clients
  • Respect the legislation (create a link) through the submission of a test report or qualification file (according to request), the results of which are reproducible and enforceable (evidence in the event of dispute)


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