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We are your best partner for innovative packaging solutions for your products.Our design projects focus mainly on efficiency and the requirements of marketing, environmental technology and logistics, without forgetting convenience for the end user.

Aluminium tube packaging

The aluminium tube has a long history as an excellent package for semisolid products. It boasts unrevealed benefits for the packaging of sensitive goods. This is why we are applying our professional expertise and commitment to fulfil your needs for the future.


The pharmaceutical industry poses specific hygiene and safety-related demands on the manufacture of packaging. We have two clean-room production lines in order to offer a high degree of flexibility as well as efficient logistics. The indoor climate and cleanroom classification M 6.5 is systematically monitored and statistically recorded. Our production quality is classified "ultra clean."

Aluminium the environmentally friendly raw material for packaging

Preserving the environment, protecting health and ensuring safety at work form an integral part of our guiding principles. Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and adopting an active approach to environmental protection help us contribute to the continuing success of our company.


Obrist like the entire packaging industry recognises its responsibility to protect the environment. In particular, using aluminium tubes and aluminium cartridges for packaging carries numerous advantages from an ecological perspective:

  • Outstanding recycling rates for aluminium thanks to a high material value and cutting-edge sorting technology
  • Aluminium can be recycled again and again without any detriment to quality. Used aluminium tubes can thus be remade into aluminium tubes once again or into other high-quality aluminium products
  • The recycling process can use up to 95 percent less energy than the initial production of aluminium
  • Aluminium recycling preserves resources and at the same time reduces household waste

Aluminium recycling makes an important contribution to sustainable development and thus makes sense from an economical, social and ecological point of view.


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