Faubel - Labels for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Clinical Trials

As one of the leading system suppliers of booklet labels and custom labels, Faubel specializes in meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical industries, with a focus on supplying multi-purpose labels for clinical trials. Faubel sets standards in quality, innovation and services. Innovation and customized design are guaranteed by our own R&D department and the entirely in-house performed production.

Booklet labels and labels for special shapes

Our products and services open new potential. Thanks to our experience and know-how in material processing plus our unique machinery set-up, we are able to satisfy our customers' most complex packaging demands. We come up with solutions that are suitable for the smallest containers such as vials or syringes, and for unusual shapes like inhaler sprays, too. As for larger texts, they can easily fit in our 113-page booklet labels.

Inhaler labelling

Worldwide distribution often makes it necessary to include different contents and languages into the label. Often up to 40 different languages have to be accommodated as it is the case for pharmaceutical products.

To optimize the use of space and therefore make packaging more efficient, Faubel recommends using its Booklet label which is now available with a thumb index in contrasting colors. This variant contains up to 48 pages and provides clear product identification in an adequate, legible font size.

Unique printing solutions for clinical trials

In a clinical trial, every phase involves some new challenges facing pharmaceutical manufacturers. Printing variable data is a time-consuming task (Overprinting). That's why Faubel wants to take it off your hands by offering you an efficient service package which can be adapted to the requirements of any clinical trial. We offer:

Faubel labels
  • UV-inkjet print technology
  • Overprinting on booklets of up to 113 pages
  • Randomized data printing
  • Code printing (2D codes and 1D barcodes)
  • 2 x 100% inspection (camera or visual inspections)
  • Replacement of faulty labels during printing

If trials are to be international and the participating countries are supposed to only receive the pages pertaining to them, Faubel will compile the country-specific contents and obtain the corresponding approvals (Routing). A weekly overview of the current project status will give medicine manufacturers the transparency they need while the complete documentation will be handed over to them upon completion of the order.

Labelling for blind clinical trials

To blind clinical trials, Faubel offers a variety of products which can fully cover vials, bottles, pots, jars and tubes on the one hand, and protect trial-related data against fraud, on the other.

Blinding box labelling

Blinding solutions by Faubel can be used for single-blind or double-blind trials and completed with various options such as Braille, variable data, safety features like tamper-evident or code-break functions as well as with documentary elements.

Today's most prominent example of our pioneering work is the Faubel-CRSF Label. Child-resistant packaging is supposed to make drug access more difficult for children whereas senior-friendly packaging should facilitate the intake of medicines: The CRSF Label is both child-resistant and senior-friendly. Furthermore, it is certified to EU standard DIN EN 14375 and US 16 CRF § 1700.20.

ISO 9001 and EU GMP-guidelines compliant

In addition to our headquarter in Melsungen, we are present at five other sites with sales agencies in Europe, one in Asia and a sister company, Faubel Pharma Services, in the United States.

Since 1994 our quality management system has been compliant with the ISO 9001 and has been integrated according to the EU GMP-guidelines. It helps us to satisfy contracted customer requirements, as well as to plan, carry out, monitor and optimize all quality-relevant activities, thus enhancing customer satisfaction. It is implemented and applied throughout the company.


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