Eukerdruck- Secondary Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Euker has been one of the leading manufacturers of packaging to the Pharmaceutical industry for decades. Their key focus is labels, package inserts and mini booklets, as well as the individual packing of multi-part printing goods and the development of new energy efficient and environmentally friendly methods.

Genuine quality boosters: Six Sigma, GMP and ISO

0Pharmaceutical manufacturers impose the highest requirements on their production. So that these requirements can also be met in terms of packaging, Euker as delivery partner ensures product quality on the basis of clearly defined guidelines.

As early as in 1989 the DIN EN ISO 9001 QM system became an integral part of Euker's corporate strategy. With this QM system and based on their own further-reaching system, they satisfy, among others, the strict GMP quality-assurance requirements of the packing departments of pharmaceutical companies.

An important QM tool for Euker is the Lean Six-Sigma method: it systematically improves products and processes. A specially trained black-belt expert within the company holds the responsibility for initiating improvement projects and gearing the processes towards a stable performance level.

To ensure quality in all areas, especially for products for which hygiene is crucial, all company divisions are subject to the ISO 15593 specifications for hygiene management.

Depending on your requirements, they use a variety of processes to guarantee the colour accuracy of your products. These include the visual inspection based on colour palettes or colour samples, the measurement of colour density using a densitometer as well as spectral photometric measurement for colour-sensitive prints.

Specialised to meet requirements

0Euker offer the latest cutting edge technology and for past few decades have worked alongside their clients to ensure that all needs are met. Through investing around 10% of all turnover into energy effciency and evironmental protection, Euker has implemented improved solutions in prepress, printing and processing technology, electronic data processing and logistics.

Employees at Euker are their most important capital beside the machines. A good education and individual training assure the company dependable and competent employees focused on building towards the future. Euker currently employ more than 250 specialised employees, who handle approximately 20,000 orders per annum from across the globe.

A perfect service from the idea to the finished product

Their dedication to service and the latest techniques ensure accuracy and high standards are met to satisfy the customers' every requirement, from the idea to the finished product.


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