Avery Dennison - Innovative Pharmaceutical Label Materials for Identification, Security and More

The Avery Dennison Corporation is a Fortune 500 company, specialising in the development and supply of an innovative range of self-adhesive labelling solutions for many markets, including the pharmaceutical segment.

Avery Dennison was founded in America in 1935 and has since grown to become a global industry leader, with employees in over 60 countries and sales in 2009 of around $6 billion.

The Avery Dennison Fasson® range of pharmaceutical products provides advanced, cost effective labelling solutions, supported by its global capabilities and technology base. These products have been developed to meet the industry standards for mandrel performance, low migration characteristics, certification and compliance.

Dedicated pharmaceutical label materials

Avery Dennison's high quality pharmaceutical product range has been developed to meet the industry's requirements for mandrel performance, low migration characteristics and compliance. Typical applications for this product range include OTC, prescription medication and a range of other medicament packaging.

Specialty label materials

Products in this range are typically used for highly sensitive drugs with critical packaging needs, such as pre-filled inhalers, syringes and saline bags. Anti-counterfeiting products incorporating UV and holographic features, in addition to tamper-evident solutions such as destructible films, are also included in the range.

By tapping into our pharmaceutical team's resources, you can benefit from streamlined product development and material expertise while developing labelling solutions to fit your applications – irrespective of pack shape, size or contents.

Consumer healthcare and variable label materials

Our portfolio of consumer healthcare and variable information printing products has been created to deliver strong shelf appeal, sophisticated packaging and extended content labels, as well as patient and medicine tracking and information.

Core industry requirements include availability of multiple labelling methods and, more critically, an extensive product line to match the manifold variations in pharmaceutical products. This latter point is of particular importance given the number of patients admitted, medicines prescribed and the number of pharmaceutical products in and around medical facilities. Each of these factors requires individual – or variable – information for security, identification and tracking purposes.

Service and support

Avery Dennison is committed to meeting the diverse and demanding needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Whatever your requirements, Avery Dennison specialists are on hand to provide you with the expert advice you need on all aspects of our pharmaceutical products range. From global research and development resources and local manufacturing facilities, to highly specific requirements and optimised solutions, Avery Dennison is there to support you for all your pharmaceutical labelling needs.

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