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CCL Label - Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions CCL Label is a Global Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare packaging. With 20 healthcare sites globally, we offer the expertise, trained personnel and dedicated production capabilities to ensure that your pharmaceutical/healthcare labelling is accurate, secure and meets all FDA requirements and current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Packaging > Suppliers Cryopak- Providing Global Solutions in Temperature Controlled Packaging Cryopak designs and manufactures cold chain packaging solutions and refrigerants for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences shipments. They also serve the blood shipping, food packaging and fragile components electronics industries.
Packaging > Suppliers CurTec International - High Performance Packaging CurTec manufactures high performance plastic packaging for pharmaceutical and chemical applications. We fulfil packaging needs of pharmaceutical companies producing active ingredients, excipients and solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. Adding value to your supply chain through clever packaging solutions is our target.
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