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Wohl announces acquired inventory of used tablet processing, packaging machines

PBR Staff Writer Published 23 August 2013

Wohl Associates, a processing and packaging company, announced that it acquired an inventory of used tablet processing and packaging machines, including tablet counters and presses, coating pans, and packaging machines.

Proquip tablet inspection belt that has an 8" wide belt is included in Wohl's inventory with a top-mounted product hopper that has a vibratory feeder and is currently set utilizing single phase 115 volt electrics.

As the inspection belt is also mounted on a stainless steel stand and four castors make the setup portable, according to the company.

Wohl's 24" tablet coating system features coating pan equipped with an internal spray gun that coats the tablets and the main chamber made from stainless steel with perforations, and the unit also has an accompanying air handling unit.

Manufactured by Stokes, a 48" coating pan has internal spray guns and interior baffles for tablet coating, while controlled by a variable frequency inverter that can adjust the timing of the spray guns for optimal coating.

Wohl product line also includes tablet coating and packaging machines from Vector, Key International, King, and other brands.