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WestPharmaceutical launches Daikyo D4 Elastomer stopper

PBR Staff Writer Published 15 August 2013

Injectable drug delivery components and systems developer and manufacturer WestPharmaceutical Services and its partner Daikyo Seiko in Tokyo, have commercially rolled out the Daikyo D4 elastomer stopper.

WestPharmaceutical said that the new elastomeric formulation Daikyo D4 will fulfill the growing quality demands for sensitive drug products, as reported by the Packaging Europe.

As part of the West Ready Pack system, Daikyo's D4 13mm and 20mm serum and lyophilization stopper configurations will be available as 100% vision-inspected, ready-to-sterilize (RSV) quality from Daikyo Seiko, as well as in sterile ready-to-use (Westar RU) quality.

WestPharmaceutical marketing senior director Erin O'Brien was quoted by the Packaging Europe as saying that the light and transparent color of Daikyo D4 is setting a new standard of aesthetic appearance.

"Daikyo D4 allows enhanced visual inspection performance for particulate burden, and can help reduce final drug reject rates due to particulate," O'Brien told the news portal.

"Striving for the highest in drug compatibility, chemical purity and increased risk mitigation, all Daikyo D4 stopper configurations are laminated with Flurotec barrier film."

With shorter drying times, Daikyo D4 formulation free from sulfur and zinc is especially imperative for lyophilization applications, and it can assist to abridge component preparation period.

Suitable to be used for aqueous drug products, lyophilized products, the new Daikyo D4 stopper configurations are compliant with Japanese, US and European requirements in all offered configurations.