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UK Government invests in wool packaging solutions to reduce vaccine wastages

PBR Staff Writer Published 20 March 2012

The UK Government is investing in wool packaging solutions to combat the global problem of more than 50% wastage in vaccines, as reported by WHO.

The Wool Packaging Company has received a grant from the Technology Strategy Board to focus on a specialised pharmaceuticals version of its Woolcool insulated packaging to protect temperature sensitive vaccines in transit.

Woolcool insulated packaging has been proven to maintain stable internal temperatures between 2°C and 8°C in excess of 72 hours, the company said.

The felted wool insulation also provides more effective cushioning protection for fragile contents, such as vaccine vials.

Woolcool packaging products are sustainable as the sheep's wool is a naturally effective insulation and compostable. The other elements of the Woolcool packaging are recycled or recyclable.