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Roche implements new packaging line for Coagucheck diagnostic strips

Ruby Zoe Published 25 January 2012

Roche has selected Bosch Packaging Technology's Pharma Toploader TTP, for the secondary packaging of its Coagucheck diagnostic strips.

The new machine is compact and integrated, delivering high output while ensuring maximum product safety and highly convenient operation, according to Healthcarepackaging.

The TTP's rotary system will save space and includes innovative box transportation and corresponding loading and infeed modules.

The machine's flexibility is useful in the secondary packaging of products such as vials, prefilled syringes, ampules, tubes, and other components, the company said.

The machine will apply vacuum technology to hold boxes in position while on the transportation device, ensuring safe and careful product transport, and speeding format changes.

The box carriers will handle various box formats without requiring additional change parts or mechanical holders.

Coagucheck diagnostic strips are used for home, or point of care, testing of blood clotting time, enabling patients to avoid repeated visits to a hospital-based anticoagulatio clinic.