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MPI, TCGRx partner to provide automated oral, solid packaging solutions

PBR Staff Writer Published 11 February 2011

Medical Packaging Inc (MPI) has paired its unit dose liquid packaging systems with Powers Lake, Wisconsin-based TCGRx’s fully automated packaging systems to provide customized solutions to meet the packaging needs of any pharmacy for oral solid and liquid packaging.

Pharmacies can now scale from entry level, tabletop unit dose or fluid dose packager to fully automated unit dose packager and multi-dose packager.

TCGRx said the ATP Series is an advanced pouch packaging solution featuring 100% automation of formulary medications and 100% verification of tray medications through the patented Safe Tray System.

The ATP Series is a scalable configuration that is capable of both unit-dose and multi-dose packaging and can accommodate 128, 192, 256, 320, and 384 canister medications, eliminating the need for manual packaging and sorting of medication.

TCGRx will also offer MPI's Fluidose Series 5 unit dose packaging system for oral liquids as a complementary solution to meet the liquid packaging needs of the LTC and EC pharmacy.

MPI said its Fluidose Series 5 is compliant with JCAHO regulations and meets the needs of all pharmacy systems for dispensing liquid medications and packages an average of 15 doses per minute in three different cup sizes - 15ml, 25ml, or 35ml.

Class A packaging provides up to a 12 month expiration from date of packaging and colored cups are available for easy identification of controlled or refrigerated medications.

Coupled with TCG's ATP Series, these packaging systems provide LTC and EC pharmacies an end-to-end solution for packaging oral solids and liquids.