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Kush Bottles launches new line of child-resistant containers to store medication

PBR Staff Writer Published 16 July 2013

Kush Bottles, a distributor of medical grade containers, has launched a new line of child-resistant, made in US containers to securely store medication safely.

Meeting the standards of child-resistant packaging, the new Kush containers are constructed with medical grade plastic, utilizing FDA approved material, and are BPA-free.

Kush Bottles chief operating officer Nicholas Kovacevich said dispensaries should start using child-resistant containers to protect themselves from liability and protect children from accidental ingestion.

"Businesses in our industry, which is still in its infancy, must take all necessary steps to demonstrate our commitment to running safe, legitimate operations," Kovacevich added.

"Using child-resistant containers instead of cheaper alternatives or plastic bags is an obvious first step to protecting the public and gaining respectability."