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Cap-N-Lock unveils new locking cap for prescription drugs

PBR Staff Writer Published 08 February 2011

Cap-N-Lock has developed a plastic locking cap that offers security against unauthorized use of prescription drugs.

The locking cap uses precision ultrasonic welding technology from Dukane's Ultrasonics Division for speed, accuracy, and precision manufacturing.

Dukane worked with Cap-N-Lock from the concept stage and provided feasibility studies, design assistance, tooling, and on-site support.

Cap-N-Lock produces the cap and two adapters which fit a wide range of the most common prescription bottles.

The locking cap components, molded by Henry Plastics, consist of eight injection molded parts made of lightweight, strong acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) plastic.

The locking cap unit is assembled from the bottom up with the locking mechanism (dial numbers included) dropped in first, followed by a tension plate and then the lower twist-on cap.

The lower housing ring is then ultrasonically welded to the main housing to complete the assembly.

Cap-N-Lock president Joseph Simpson said the locking cap has combination dials which create a barrier to entry for young children and teens.