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World Courier: World Courier Ground Europe
Specialized ground shipping for ground-breaking products.
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World Courier: Pharmaceutical Storage and Distribution
Supply chain optimization and operational efficiency demand more than just safe and timely transport. World Courier not only ensures products and samples are delivered on time and in optimal condition, we also provide the clinical development community with services that enhance the performance of their R&D investments.
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World Courier: Personalized Supply Chain – Direct-to-Patient
A major challenge running clinical trials is patient recruitment and retention; in order to participate, patients must often be willing to travel long distances at inconvenient times to undergo treatment and vital procedures, a situation that is certain to lead to frustration all round.
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World Courier: Cocoon
Today’s logistics environment grows more complex as demand for time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive transport increases while resources are scarce. We drive improvement in this transitioning market with innovation, value creation and flawless execution.
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World Courier: Cell and Gene Therapy
Cell and Gene Therapies have demonstrated real promise as they move into the clinical trial phase for a variety of life changing and deadly diseases.
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Vaisala: McKesson Specialty Health Achieves over 100 Audits without a Single Observation
Bullet-proof environmental monitoring technology that answers auditors’ questions.
Packaging > Case Studies
Revolutionary Wireless Environmental Monitoring System to Release in May 2017
In the summer 2016, Vaisala announced the latest build of their environmental monitoring system viewLinc. The newest device in the system, VaiNet, will begin shipping in May of 2017 and will feature unmatched signal strength.
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Watch Vaisala's video on What's new in Environmental Monitoring
The Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system: Your controlled environments can be complex. You need a monitoring system to safeguard huge investments, a fail-safe system that monitors a wide range of parameters.
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Reliable, Long-range Wireless Sensors for Environmental Monitoring
| By Vaisala pbr
The Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System tracks environmental conditions wirelessly using Vaisala’s VaiNet wireless devices based on LoRa™* technology. By using a chirp spread spectrum (CSS)* wireless protocol, VaiNet provides robust communication that is extremely reliable over long distances and under harsh, complex and obstructed conditions.
Packaging > White Papers
Vaisala Launches Cutting-Edge Environmental Monitoring System: Long-range Wireless with Intuitive Software
Vaisala presents a new environmental monitoring system with superior wireless signal strength. After years of use in critical and pharmaceutical environments, Vaisala has totally redesigned its viewLinc monitoring system to offer cutting-edge wireless technology and easy installation.
Packaging > Press Releases
Vaisala Celebrates 80 Years of Innovation
This year is a special one for Vaisala as we celebrate our 80-year anniversary. Throughout the past decades, Vaisala has been driven by a passion for creating the world’s finest environmental measurement solutions.
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Rentschler Announces 4th Laupheim Biotech Days Taking Place in June 2016
The Laupheim Biotech Days – formally known as Laupheimer Zelltage – provide a unique platform for the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise. Held every two years, it focus on different topics in the field of biotechnology. A comprehensive overview is given and experts discuss cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Next year the 4th Laupheim Biotech Days will take place on June 13 to 14, 2016.
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Vaisala Mapping Kit
The Vaisala Mapping Kit is a reliable, easy-to-use alternative to thermocouple-based equipment and less robust data loggers. Ideal for stability chambers, refrigerator/freezers, incubators, warehouses, and ambient environments, the Mapping Kit ensures secure and accurate temperature and humidity profiling.
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PBR Supplier Recommendations

Vaisala - Supplier of Continuous Monitoring Systems for Controlled Life Science Environments
Vaisala is a world leader in environmental and industrial measurement systems and instrumentation. We offer measurement instrumentation, continuous monitoring systems and validation systems to measure and supervise environmental conditions, within regulated or controlled life science environments.... Packaging > Suppliers
Rentschler - High-Performance Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing
Identifying the most appropriate contract manufacturer who can best fulfil what you need for your lead pharmaceutical candidate is a real challenge. With over 40 years’ experience, Rentschler is one of the industry leaders for contract development and manufacturing.... Packaging > Suppliers
Valspar – valOR™ Barrier Additives for Plastics
Valspar successfully provides the pharmaceutical industry with products, such as coatings for aerosol cans and metal tubes that ensure products inside are free from contamination, making brands stay stronger, and products last longer.... Packaging > Suppliers
Neopac - Polyfoil® Barrier Tubes
Neopac was founded in 1900, more than 100 years ago, in Switzerland. We lead the way in the development and production of one to 300ml Polyfoil® barrier tubes - an in-house patented invention for the protection of high-quality products. ... Packaging > Suppliers
PCE - Pharma Vision Inspection
As the leading expert in Track & Trace solutions, Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH (PCE) can draw on over 20 years' experience of supplying intelligent optical control systems for maximum process reliability in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.... Packaging > Suppliers
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PBR White Paper Recommendations

Reliable, Long-range Wireless Sensors for Environmental Monitoring By Vaisala pbr
The Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System tracks environmental conditions wirelessly using Vaisala’s VaiNet wireless devices based on LoRa™* technology. By using a chirp spread spectrum (CSS)* wireless protocol, VaiNet provides robust communication that is extremely reliable over long distances and under harsh, complex and obstructed conditions.... Packaging > White Papers Single-Use-Bioprocesses – Hype or Future Technology? By Rentschler
Single-use bioreactors offer many advantages for the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. They are used in approximately two thirds of all new bioprocesses in the biopharmaceutical market and have become indispensable in biopharmaceutical development and production processes. ... Packaging > White Papers Free White Paper - Quality Inspection By Pharmacontrol Electronic
This free white paper aims to familiarize you with the key aspects of optical inspection systems, along with the process improvement opportunities they provide.

  • Brand protection and product safety
  • The benefits of machine vision inspection
  • Rating criteria for vision inspection solutions
  • Committed to quality
  • Product quality and the quality of printed information
  • Essential technologies and PC-based systems
  • Smart camera solutions and sensors
  • Requirements for complete systems
  • Maximizing costs and minimizing downtime
  • Further information
Packaging > White Papers Free White Paper - Aggregation By Pharmacontrol Electronic
Aggregation - integrated solutions for the traceability of products:

  • Marking, verifying, safeguarding - From cardboard boxes to shipping containers
  • Safety first - Safety requires rules and expertise
  • Tracking - Codes and markings are what tips the scales
  • Solutions - Maximum safety in the pharmaceutical packaging process
  • Performance - The expert partner for Track & Trace systems and aggregation solutions
  • Outlook - The world of Track & Trace is evolving
Packaging > White Papers Free White Paper - Serialization of Pharmaceuticals By Pharmacontrol Electronic
METTLER TOLEDO PCE has developed a guide that provides companies, in accordance with current or emerging serialization legislation, with crucial information on making an implementation decision by:

  • Summarizing the minimum requirements of a serialization solution
  • Outlining the complexity involved when implementing a serialization solution
  • Detailed questions that must be addressed when choosing a production line equipment supplier
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1-15 of 614 results